Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Fuuh fuh ... (tiup2 habuk kat blog ni...)
Awat yang malas @ takdak idea nak berblogging sangat nih haa...bukan setakat blog sendiri, blog orang pun aku dah jarang2 bukak...ada masa lapang sikit2 in between children and houseworks tu aku main fb lak..huhu.
Anyway, aku dah karang comprehension setengah muka surat about Yusuf's birth, pastu aku save dulu dlm word doc dlm notebook, alih2 hard disk notebook tu kong la plak..gone semua hasil titik peluh aku dalam tu. Ni nak kena karang balik, tu yang rasa malas sangat tu....but I will do it, not for the readers, but for my own keepsakes...
Meanwhile ni gambar2 baby Yusuf from henpon uploaded untuk tatapan my blog followers (ada ke?)...

One day old

Dah tembam

Susah nak dapat gambar dia pandang kamera camni...jenuh dok snap

Budak tecit

In Mama's sling

Sleeping soundly in Papa's gendong at the hospital

Latest photo - 2 days after being the baldy baby


Konot said...


mana ceritanya?

Anonymous said...

hang cukuq sendiri ke cik kamalia?

liadevega said...

konot, takde...dah toksah dok tunggu... aku masih malas.

bei, sheik yang cukur..

tireless mom said...

Owh.... muka "tahi ayam" Yusuf ni.

Joanne Amos said...


joven said...

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joven said...

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joven said...

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Cik Puan Kamil said...

Wei...gambaq no 3 adalah sebijon papanya...heheheh

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